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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Third time lucky!


Today I set off to go and see the male Pine Bunting in Dunnington, North Yorkshire and third time lucky seems to tell the truth! Andrew Tyrell and myself set off at 6am this morning and we reached Cunnington at about half 8, we were then pointed in the direction of the bird by two teenagers who probably thought we were all a bit mad, all flocking to see one bird but never the less, we had arrived. After waiting around for 20mins or so after observing some Corn Buntings, Tree Sparrows and Siskins, I scanned the top of the trees through my scope and what was sitting on top of the Silver Birch was mind blowing. The male Pine Bunting, finally after three attempts to see this species, and everyone around me got onto it as it sat quite proudly in the same place for about five minutes before flicking down and into the field.

A record shot of the Pine Bunting

We then moved onto Acaster Malbis where a Great Grey Shrike had been seen however we had some confusion as Birdguides where calling it Acaster Malbis and Rare Bird Alert were calling the site Acaster Selby so after stopping a cycling birder we found that it was in-between the two villages. However, once we found the bird it was showing incredibly well around the Ebor Trucks compound.

Now we had ticked Great Grey Shrike for the year, we moved south, heading to Willow Tree Fen, Lincolnshire for the male Bluethroat that has been performing excellently there for the last few weeks. We arrived and the hour long wait began but that wait wasn't worthless as I managed to pick up a Water Pipit calling with some of the Meadow Pipits which were gathering there. Other birds included a Peregrine and a female Marsh Harrier. Then the Bluethroat stopped playing games and hoped out of view but it seemed to be struggling with swallowing something, probably some of the Mealworms that its being fed. However it was showing incredibly well down to four feet! 

Then, our last site of the day was Frampton Marsh RSPB which seems to be an excellent site holding very large numbers of Golden Plover, around ten thousand. Also big numbers of Brent Geese, Wigeon, Teal and other common waterfowl but some of the less common birds included a Barnacle Goose, ten Ruff, three Spotted Redshank, a Merlin, a male Marsh Harrier, a Peregrine, four Whooper Swans, quite a few Pintail but we didn't catch up with many of the birds with Sand Martins, two Common Cranes and a Dotterel being seen there today! 




Brent Geese

Golden Plover

Great Grey Shrike



Meadow Pipit


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